1.   Don’t drink alcohol a night before getting tattooed (it causes thinning of blood)
  2.   Drink plenty of water
  3.   Have sufficient sleep,(u will be calm and composed during procedure)
  4.   Make sure you have the enough money to be spent on a tattoo.
  5.   Confirm your appointment.
  6.   If any, have your reference material printed.
  7.   People with the medical condition need the consent of concerned physician beforehand.
  8.   Falling ill? Inform studio and get the appointment postponed otherwise artist will not tattoo you as he has the complete right after noticing your illness.
  9.  Have your id, license. In case of any confusion refer to our id policies.
  10.  Not ready today? choose another day! We have round the clock service.



  1. It will pain… yes, it does but only if you think it does. It has an electrical scratchy feeling.
  2. Time depends on the size of the tattoo. Larger and complex tattoos take longer time, and you should get prepared for it that you have to endure pain till this much time. Yoga, meditation can really help.
  3. Feel free to tell your artist about your anxiety. They will help you to get rid of the anxiety.
  4. If you are feeling something abnormal with your body (feeling of faintness, dizziness, etc). Inform the artist and feel free to get the assistance.
  5. If you are comfortable you may ask the artist for tell show and do technique.
  6. As it takes longer in a still posture. Let the artist know the posture comfortable for you to still in that position with the area accessible.
  7. The more you ask for the breaks to adjust your position or anything else, the longer will it take to get tattooed.
  8. Try to relax. Have the headphones on. Listen to music.
  9. Artist will give you breaks. Use them wisely.
  10. In case of a cough, sneeze, warn the artist first.



  1. Wait till he is all done with the procedure and remove his gloves to offer him money.
  2. Don’t judge the artist for his furniture or anything else except his work.
  3. It’s service industry. It’s appreciable to tip your artist.
  4. After-care instructions are given verbally and in written. Pay attention when they are given verbally
  5. After-care products should be applied to aid healing.
  6. Ask artist for the follow-ups. Touch-ups may or may not be free.
  7. Take good care of the respective area. Drink plenty of water. Have good quality foods. Take rest.
  8. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  9. If you had a good experience. Let people know about us. We rely on word-of-mouth publicity.
  10. If you had a bad experience, let us know directly. You can also contact us through email. Try to understand artists are humans and they too have a bad day sometimes but we are always happy to help in case of your bad experience. We will be pleased to have the feedback and do tell if any improvement is needed.
  11. Feel free to call the artist in the studio for any queries