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My soul is passionate for Tattooing and am sure your soul will be touched too once you check in and will be Pleased with your visit.


Journey From An Engineer To A Tattoo Artist…

From childhood, I have a strong passion for drawing. Looking into my drawing many artists use to Motivate me and that motivation helps me to do better than better everytime I use to draw. So on passion continues and I had strong feeling that I will make my career in this field of art I have, But after my school ends I wasn’t aware of what to do regarding this field. So my Parents put me into the Engineering field and that time I lost all my hopes to do something regarding drawing and Tattooing. So after completed my in Mechanical Engineering I started doing the job. But from inside I wasn’t happy because I knew I am not meant for jobs. So the somehow idea of became Tattoo Artist stuck in my mind as I use to watch tattoo shows on TV and Youtube so I started my Tattoo training from the most talented artists KD sir, Ashok sir and Nidhi Mam. Ashok sir supported me a lot and help me to learn everything related to ink world.  After my training, I start my tattoo work randomly. After that, I participated in many tattoo conventions, where I got a chance to communicate with my dream artists Paul Booth, Fredy Thomas and many other artists. I got too much experience and that experience helps me to approach for a Tattoo Studio in beautiful city Chandigarh named as Elite Art Tattoo Studio.

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 Jatinder Gill

Jatinder Gill

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