Tattoo Studio is a place where a tattooist performs his art work. As in tattooing work, needles areused for injecting ink into body so proper hygienic environment should be maintained in studio.Being aware of this fact, we take full care of all the necessary precautions and provide the most hygienic setup for our clients.We at Elite Art Studio use high standard needles and the best class ink, all our equipment are imported from USA. In our Tattoo Shop, we have different set of comfortable benches for designing tattoo on any part of body. Where these advanced tools provide comfort to client, artist can do his work with full precision thus generating the best designs.

The Talented Tattoo Artist, Mr. Nitesh Minhas has variety of new designs in his collection. Client can choose the design according to his wish. We do proper counselling with our client and after analysing the client’s need, we provide the best results according to the customer’s requirements. All our designs are unique, we create self-customized designs fulfilling the desire of our client.Moreover, the best part of our work is friendly and appealing nature of our artist which suits our
client, as this art work is time consuming but our artist manages the time in such a proper manner that client doesn’t feels bored or uncomfortable.